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JoJan Sportsequip Company - Right On Target

A little about our product line:

JoJan offers quality products to meet your every fletching need. For the archer who is content with fletching one arrow at a time, we suggest our very economical Mono-Fletcher. For the archer who prefers to fletch a dozen arrows in less than half an hour, we present to you our most popular fletcher, the Multi-Fletcher.

JoJan fletchers are extremely versatile, with their ability to fletch various types of arrows. Our products can be used for the smallest of carbon arrows to the largest of the aluminum arrows. This exceptional quality provides our archers with the convenience of only having to purchase one jig to meet all their needs.

Precision is also an important quality among our JoJan staff and is directly resembled in the manufacturing of our products. The aluminum frame and plated steel clamps are engineered to provide a consistent, precise fletch each and every time. We assure you it is the best around!

Our fletchers are durable and made to last a lifetime. It is great to hear how many archers are still using the same Multi-Fletcher that their fathers used thirty years ago. With our fletchers, you will always be right on target!



Nock Receivers

Replacement Parts



All Mono-Fletchers are constructed of strong aluminum, giving the durability to last you a lifetime ...


Accuracy is important to every archer, from beginner to advanced shooters, and with our jigs, accuracy is made simple ...

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